Is anyone interested in helping create a site dedicated to d'Artagnan whump?, both stories, Prompts, and commentary?.

If so please let me know as I shall create one here on Dreamwidth, with an Open policy so anyone can join to fill, chat, and read.
I`ve now completed Unexpected Love, and Deliver us from Evil.

Now I`ve got Where there is Darkness to work on, along with Innocence Lost, and Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live.

I`ve also got two Non-Con d'Artagnan prompts to fill, which I`ll be making a start on soon.
Athos/d'Artagnan Mpreg

A series one ending, and Series two AU

In which when it was discovered that d'Artagnan had slept with Milady, he was kicked out of the Musketeers, and fled in grief, only for his innocence to be proven too late.

Months later, when he is kidnapped by the villagers and brought to Pinon Athos discovers d'Artagnan living in his servants quaters, pregnant with his Pups.

d'Artagnan Genderbender AKA Lady Castlemore of the Musketeers!

I`m normally not a fan a gender benders, but I`ve read a couple of fem-d'Art and I`ve actually developed a liking for the notion, and may well be writing one of my own.

Richelieu/Treville whump and torture

A series one episode four re-write

In which Treville is captured by Marsac and brutally tortured by him

The Witch

Sep. 3rd, 2015 03:04 pm
Chapter one

Devon 1539

King Henry VIII was on the throne.

A golden boy he had been, the most beautiful prince in all of Christendom, now a broken and twisted old man, grown fat and sour and cruel, his malice was easy to see, it was spread up and down the country, the once fair and majestic churches and cathedrals and monastery's had been attacked, their wealth plundered for the privy purse held by the black guard and Lutheran Cromwell.

The only good thing England could hold to was the fact that Queen Jane had delivered a son before she had died, Prince Edward, the jewel of his fathers eye.

Two years had passed since poor Jane had breathed her last breath and now unbelievably Henry was to take another wife!.

Anne of Cleves whoever she was!, he had`nt even met her!, all he had was a portrait by Hans Holbein to show him what she looked like, well could look like, who would know for certain?.

The people of England were holding their breath praying that the new queen would bring joy back to their malicious king, that they would be spared any further wrath from him, that love would sooth and soften his hard and cold heart.

All except Lileigh Swandon.

Lileigh gave no care to the court or to politics, to wealth and power, what was it to her who was on the throne next to the mad old king?, surely they would`nt be there long anyway! not with the way he seemed to go through wives!.

Besides what did it matter if they did bring in the Lutheran faith?, she did`nt believe in Catholicism anyway, everyone already knew that, everyone in the village anyway, just as her mother Matilda before her and her mother Mary, Lileigh was a pagan, a witch, she had power, she knew it and used it, but not for evil, never that, as her beloved mother had once explained to her when she had been very very young, whatever you send out, you get back times three, a warning for the future perhaps?, or just a good thing to believe in so you did`nt intensionly harm anyone?.

Lileigh was`nt sure but niether was she bothered, she had no intensions of causing harm anyone, she had never done so, she was a beloved of her village, her powers saved lives, she assisted women in childbirth, cured the sweat, eased sicknesses, set broken bones better than any blacksmith, pulled teeth without causing anyone any pain when she did it, and she asked for nothing in return, so of course she was given things with great generosity, food, wine, ale, cloth, spices.

At seventeen she was ready for marriage, but none expected her to take a husband, her mother nore her grandmother had ever bound themselves to a man, born children yes, out of wedlock, but they had`nt cared and niether would Lileigh when she did the same as all expected her to do.

She lived happily and quietly in a small cottage with a little land surrounding it where sheep grazed and chickens in their coops clucked and laid fresh eggs, a small pond at the back of the cottage had a few fish in it, an apple tree grew to the side and wild berrys could be picked from the bushes, anyone who had the urge was welcome to take some fruit or a fish for a meal, Lileigh would smile at them if she saw them, give them a small nod and turn away, she never spoke first it had to be another to start the conversation, but once a conversation was started she would speak with a clear and educated voice, she was no fool, she could read and write both English and Latin having been taught to do so by her mother.

The children from the village were always welcome to come play in her gardens, go berry picking and paddle in the pool which was not really deep enough to swim in, in the long hot afternoons of summer Lileigh would sit out in the garden beneath the shade of her apple tree reading a book, or perhaps singing in her low but perfectly in tune voice, her waist length black hair would be loose down her back always clean and washed, though not truely rich she could heat water everyday and bath and wash her hair.

Lileigh was not really what was called a beauty of the day, when blondes with big blue eyes and clear white skin were held as the fairest of all, Lileigh`s jet black long locks, sea green eyes and slightly tanned skin were not what the poets raved about.

But still she had many admirers, many who thought of her as one of the fairest in the village, her wide eyes and open warm face aways light up their hearts, and stirred their desires, she was small boned and delicate of build and height, moving with steps as small as a childs and a fine as a lady of the court.

All in all Lileigh was happy and at peace with the world, she knew her skills were condemed by the church but as she was so loved none would speak out against her or wish to she her burnt as a witch, but there was also another reason.

Lileigh had an older brother, Robert, he was not like his sister, he had no powers, well none except his fists and these he used all the time, he was feared and hated through out the village, especially when he had been drinking, then anyone who so much as glanced his way was likely to get beaten to a pulp.

Lileigh would go out to treat these men and women who had been injured by her brother, set their bones and bind their cuts, apologize profusely and refuse to take anything for her service, the people shook their heads at the kind girls actions, wondering how and why she put up with a brother like that, more than once she had been seen barring bruises upon her preety tanned face and walking with a hand to aching ribs, a binding about her arms.

Robert Swandon was nothing but a bully, a drunk, a braggart, and an idler who did nothing to earn money or food but had no difficulty in spending what his sister made from selling what sewing work she did and the herbs she would culture and grind for peoples uses, she never over charged, always seeming to know what her customer could afford to part with, a touch of her warm hand and a smile on her face she would accept any paltry sum knowing that more than half would be squandered by her brother in the tavern before the day was out and that even if her shift was sewn over and over so many times that it would never take another stitch, and she could not afford to part with money to get the material to make a new one, she would not take this out on her costomers and make them pay the horrendous prices that many a wise woman charged, even when they had proberly less than half her knowledge and less than that of her skills.

Of course Lileigh did not have to wear rags, she had enough cloth and thread given out of kindness for her to make herself clothing, not that it was or ever would be the fine and bejeweled clothes of the court ladies, never would she wear silk or velvet or gold and silver thread, but what she did have was three gowns, with three overskirts and stomachers and sleeves that matched fairly well, the colours of the gowns were in middnight blue, russet brown and a creamy beige, the stomachers were in pale blue with matching ribbons to tie it, dark brown and light a light golden/bronze/brown with off coloured white threads for lacing, the overskirts were in navy, chestnut and light hazel brown, sleeves of creamy white, light blue and chestnut brown, she wore no hood nor cap preferring to have her hair out free in the wind, only putting a shawl over her head when it was chilly.

Three gowns were more than alot of women would ever hope to own in their lives and Lileigh was very aware of it, she did not hope to make more than what she had got and took care to make her gowns last, and her single cloak of storm cloud grey which she would wrap about herself when she was waling through the fogs which rolled in off the sea to choke the lands.

It was one such foggy morning in December when Lileigh got up at dawn as usual, she slept little, her body did`nt require as much rest as others did, as normal she wrapped her cloak about her body and put her boots on lacing them tightly, her cold hands ached and her nose ran as she did so, the frost was on the window of her bedroom, the little pallet bed still had her body warmth in it, the thick wool sheet looking inviting as she hastily tied her shawl over her raven head.

Pushing open the bedroom door she stepped out into the small hall, in the room next to hers she could hear her brother snoring still, he would not rise until she had boiled the water and set about getting the porridge ready for them to break their fast.

Moving as silent as a ghost Lileigh headed down the hall past the small sitting room and into the kitchen, this room was large, at one end was the open fire with a spit to roast meat, pots and pans, jugs for water and milk she took up several of these now to get the water ready for cooking, to the side was a pantry in which Lileigh kept her herbs and spices on a shelf above a large metal tub which the siblings used for washing once a day, that had to be dragged out and heated before the fire, on the other shelves were cheese, flour and butter, bacon, eggs some honey which was in tight little pots with cork stoppers, bread and oats, in barrels were salted meats, ale and apples which were now wrinkled and old, but would still be eaten, a large table was at the center of the room with stools surrounding it, metal and earthen plates and cups sat on the counter behind the table to the left, some good metal knives and spoons were there too, aswell as wooden cooking spoons and a large old fork.

Bracing herself against the cold Lileigh opened the heavy wooden door and stepped out into the gardens, she instantly shuddered and winced shivering against the assult of the frosty air.

Hurrying as best she could and taking care not to slip on the traitorous ground that was still white with frost and slightly icey, Lileigh made her way round to the back of the cottage to the pool, thankfull it was not frozen she bent down and dipped the jugs in collecting the water, it would take all her strength to carry them back in and then another trip to get the fire wood from the shed at the back of the cottage, her bladder was full and she was desperate to use the pot which would be emptied on the midden later.

Gritting her teeth and humming a small tune Lileigh filled everyone of the jugs and carried them back up into the cottage setting them by the fire, stamping her feet a little she hurried back out to the shed and took up an arm full of fire wood, they had little left so Robert would have to get off his arse and go out and get them some more before the day was out, unless he wanted to freeze and starve of course!.

Once her bladder was emptied and the bucket was rinsed in the pool Lileigh went back into the cottage shutting the door behind herself firmly and went about lighting the fire and making the porridge, she also heated a little water to wash her hands and face in before eating.

She was just in the process of wiping her face when Robert staggered through the doorway nearly hitting his head on the frame and plonked himself down on the nearest stool, it wobbled dangerously and nearly sent him toppling off!, his dark blue eyes were blood shot and his skin looked paled and grey.

"What you got for a headache!" he grunted sounding like a disgruntled pig!

"Advice for you not to get drunk!" Lileigh shot back heatedly, she could see bruising on his knuckles which meant he had been fighting again, nothing new there then!.

"Shut up you stupid witch!" Robert snarled slamming his fist on the table, he hoped to make her jump, to get a rise out of her, to see her shrink back in fear like all the other sluts and wenches did in the taverns when he lost his temper, he was disappointed as Lileigh paid him no head and just carried on with her work ignoring him, she was so used to him stomping and thumping things that it did`nt bother her, she expected it and could anticipate it.

Not even when he raised his fists to his sisters face did she flinch, nore did she cry she would glare at his with her hatefully alluring green eyes half lidded and slitted, little snake, he would think wishing and not for the first time that he did`nt find her so attractive, look at her now! half dressed in her night gown of off coloured white a cloak discarded on a stool along with her shawl, all that black hair flung down her back and falling into her face, the press of her unrestrained plump little breasts against the top of her night gown, as she bent over her rear was pressed back and shown off to him, growling in frustration he looked away rubbing his tired eyes and pounding temples.

"Whens that ready?" he barked hoping that food might settle his stomach

"Soon" Lileigh replied not turning around to face him, instead she walked over to the counter where she placed the bread and cut several slices, putting them on a plate along with the butter she put it on the table, Robert snatched up a slice as soon as it was set down and stuffed more than half in his gaping mouth instantly chewing with his mouth open as he looking hungrily at the porridge and the rich dolop of honey that would accompany it.

"You`ll need to go and get some more wood today" Lileigh said uncharacteristically speaking first, but she had no choice, the idiot would never realize unless she said something


"We`re nearly out of it, do you want some ale?"

"Yes!", what a stupid question of course he wanted ale for heaven sakes!, without a word Lileigh poured him a cup full and handed it over pouring a small one for herself and sipped gently, she frowned slightly as she looked at the fire, something was coming, something was going to happen today, what would it be?, was there to a great thunderstorm?, looking at the weather she doubted it, snow?, no nothing to do with the weather, people then, well that could mean anything could`nt it?, you could`nt predict what people might do, there were always to many variables to be completely accurate in readings of fortunes that many an astrologer tried to do.
Look at Anne Boleyn for God sakes!, how many a sooth sayer or Astrologer did she and the king visit during her first pregnancy?, and how many said it was a boy? and looky look! out popped Elizabeth! another girl for the royal nursery, and though at the time of her birth her father claimed to love her more than anything in the world, the moment his roving gaze set firmly upon Jane Seymour, the poor little love was cruelly snatched up from her happy little world and tossed onto the rag heap and declared a bastard, possibly not even the kings own bastard which at the very least he proclaimed Mary to be!.

Lileigh shook her head, it was all nonsense to her, but then most of what men did and justified to themselves was total nonsense from beginning to end!, she in her heart knew that Elizabeth was the kings child, she knew it as well as she knew the herbs which grew in her garden, one day that little girl will be queen, she thought to herself letting it fill her mind for a while, it was a treasonous thought, enough to get her hung from the jibbet, to even think of the king dying was treason and to think that his beloved Edward would die!, you`d send yourself to gallows in a second!, foolishness, total foolery, as all people know everyone will eventualy die, every single person and creature in the world, save for those darker and more deadly creatures which hunt at the darkest hours of the night, the ones which hunger for blood and destruction.

A bubbling sound drew Lileigh away from her absent minded wanderings, the porridge was boiling and ready to be served, taking a cloth she wrapped it about the handle of the pot and took it over to the side bored setting it down, using the big old wooden spoon she doloped the thick mixture into the two awaiting bowls filling them up and took them over to the table.

Robert snatched his and dumped several spoons of honey on it before letting Lileigh get the spoon so she could sweeten her own dish, in silence they ate letting the hot meal warm them through, should anyone have knocked on the door at this time, a beggar looking for comfort he or she would have been eagerly welcomed and been given a bowl themselves, Robert would have slouched off slamming as many doors as he could and making a fuss about "the wasted food they could have themselves" while Lileigh would ignore him and feed and comfort the visitor who had fallen upon hard times and relied upon the aid of the kind, as Lileigh would often say to Robert though he never listened to her, as their mother had said often "Do not show hardness or cruelty to those in need of your kindness, for a time may come when you are in need, and you do not give kindness to others how can you expect it from anyone for yourself?"

"Will you be going into the village today?" Robert finally asked after scraping out his bowl and looking hopeful for more

"Yes" Lileigh answered at once

"There is a little left in the pan if you want it",

"Get it for me!", Lileigh rose from her seat and got the pan, the porridge was becomming cold and congealed but it was still edible enough and her brother was pig enough to eat even rancid meat to fill his ever empty belly!, after refilling his bowl Lileigh took up her seat again and resumed her slow and steady eating

"Why then?" Robert asked with his mouthful

"Why what?"

"Why are you going into the village?"

"I need to go to the market, we need more cheese and flour and bread and milk, don`t forget the wood", Robert narrowed his cold eyes at his sister, what right had she a mere woman to tell him what to do?, part of him wanted to strike her but the complete waste of energy this would involve made him hold back, she was being practical after all, and he did`nt want to freeze half to death anymore than she did and he wanted to bath later, so the wood he would get, save hitting her for later if she annoyed him again as was likely, never could any woman have anoyed him more than his sister, because she was the one woman he could`nt possess and wanted more than anything in the world even upon the damnation of his soul to possess!.

Once she had finished eating Lileigh washed her bowl and excused herself from the kitchen, going back to her bedroom, she paused before entering looking at the room at the end of the hall, the largest room with the door slightly ajar, their mothers room, once always open and filled with light, always Lileigh could go in and be greated with a warm hug and kiss, be treated to lessons and stories and songs by Matilda.

But now since but eighteen months before Matilda had been taken from Lileigh by a sickness inside her body which had caused lumps to form in her abdomen and breasts the Doctor said that they were growths which were destroying her organs, nothing could be done, surgery would kill her it`self, weeping in agony over the inability to save her mother Lileigh had treated Matilda with herbs to sooth the pains and ease the sickness, singing to her and holding her hand, when finally after five weeks of serious illness Matilda died the whole village had turned out for her funeral in morning, though the parish priest knew that both women like Matilda`s mother before were witches he was no superstitious fool, he had seen the good works they did and knew them to be not devils servants leading people astray and stealing souls for the evil one.

Father Thomas had gladdly given the service for Matilda praising her works as a healer and securing that her soul was without a doubt in heaven with Christ.

Lileigh had wept for over seven days and nights refusing to eat or to drink, Robert had simply drunk himself into even more of a stupor than normal not carring if his sister, the only kin he had left in the whole world starved herself to death, the villagers worried that she would in fact follow her mother in death, many visited her prayed for her, until finally on the seventh day Lileigh had risen from her pallet, washed and dressed and gone down to her mothers grave with an armfull of summer flowers placing them in the ground and bidding fairwell to Matilda.

When asked how she was she answered simply that she had grieved as much as she and her mother woud allow, and though she would miss her mother forever, she would not wallow in grief but insted live her life and remember her mother with love and pride as she should be remembered.

At this time people comented again on how different Matilda`s two children were, at then almost nineteen and now twenty years of age Robert had already had his reputation for being a bully and a bragart, who his father had been?, well as the villagers who were old enough to remember could recall that at the time of his conception a band of Tinkers had been passing through the area, several had stoped at Matilda`s door and camped on her land, tarding for herbs and food and linen, well Matilda and Mary`s door for the old wench had still been alive then, just a little too fond of the ale had Mary been, but a bright laughing old girl she was right up until her death which had been a peacefull slip into a wakeless dream, as all the villagers knew, Robert had been conceived at around that time, and with his brutish manor and harsh unrefined looks he had all the marking for being a Tinkers bastard brat.

Just over two years later as the people remembered and chattered about over drinks in the inn and stalls in the market place, a green eyed and black haired gentlemen had been riding through the village, he had taken a fall from his horse and Matilda had taken him in and treated the strained muscles of his leg for over a fortnight, a few weeks after he had left she had declared herself to be with child again, at the start of spring her little Lileigh was born bright and fair, with eyes as green and hair as black as the gentlemens had been, everyone had no doubt of whom had sired this bastard of Matilda Swandon, everything pointed to him!, and even though she was as tanned as any peasant working the lands, Lileigh was clean and as gracefull as any lady could be.

With a sigh Lileigh turned away from the door of her mother room, the pallet and books and things were still in there, the clothes, or most of them had been given to the poor but Lileigh had kept her favorite being the same size as her mother had been, they both having small delicate builds, her favorite was the blue gown of her mothers a beautiful rich midnight blue with white sleeves, having had only two gowns of her own at that time this rounded up Lileigh`s collection to three as was said before, the other three gowns, two stomachers, once pair of sleeves in grey, and two brown over skirts were given to the poor who could get some use from them.

Occasionally Lileigh would go into her mothers room and sit for a time feeling her mothers presence all around her, but not today, today she had work to do, and wanted to be on her way, so turning aside she went into her own little room and set about dressing for the day, she chose her russet brown gown with the light golden stomacher and light dark chestnut overskirt and chestnut sleeves, with skilled hands and years of practice she threaded the laces through the stomacher and pulled them tight until her already flat stomach was as flat as a board and her breasts were pushed up into two full curved mounds at the top pf the bodice.

At a small dressing table with a small mirror she sat on a stool and picked up her comb and began to dress her hair for the day pulling the comb through the thick raven locks until all the knots were pulled free and her hair was gleaming and head tingling, easily she put the front of her hair up fasterning it with pins and leaving the back free so it sailed over her shoulders and hung down to her waist adding a little warmth to her back,

"Do you ever stop grooming and preening?" Robert asked from his position of leaning against the door frame looking at his sister with a raised eyebrow

"Can you desist in spying on me in my own room?" Lileigh shot back narrowing her eyes and clenching her jaw

"I`ll do as I please, I am the man here!, this is my house and I am lord and master!" Robert shouted slamming the side of his fist into the wooden frame making it vibrate and shudder.

Lileigh rolled her eyes and got up from the stool not giving him the benefit of being intimidated by his show of pathetic violence, angered again by his sisters dismissal Robert marched across the room and grabbed hold of her by her shoulders pulling her around so she was facing him, his fingers dug painfully into her arms bruising them and threatening to tear the sleeves of her gown

"You`d better start showing me some respect bitch!" he snarled letting his foul breath slam into her face and his spittle spray her disgustingly, Lileigh did`nt even flinch, she continued to look him in the eyes defiantly refusing to let him scare her at all

"I will not be ordered by a woman, not any woman, if you don`t start watching your manors about me I`ll make you sorry, I`ll make you very very sorry!", Robert released on of her arms so he could trace the lines of her smooth face with his finger tips enjoying the feel of her soft skin beneath his calloused fingers
"You woul`nt want me to make a mess of this pretty face would you?" he whispered his voice high pitched and teasing in it`s menacing threat,
"It would be a crying shame if such a pretty face was damaged by foolishness would`nt it?", still Lileigh said nothing, her heart was pounding hard in her temples but she refused to let her fear show in her eyes or on her face, insted she licked her lips and spoke with a calm and steady voice as if nothing was happening at all,
"I have to go into the village, I have to go to the market before all the good stuff is sold, don`t forget about the wood, we need it", Robert was becoming redder and redder in rage and lust, he drew his hand back from Lileigh`s face, for a moment he paused ready to strike her, but instead her shoved her to the side letting her fall down onto her pallet and stomped out of the room slamming the door behind him and into his own room to dress.

Lileigh took a deep breath and straightened up dusting down the front of her gown, smoothing her hair she took up her bag and set off out of the room and out of the cottage before Robert could come back with more anger and rubbish to throw in her face.

The walk from the cottage down the lane to the market place only took about ten minutes, the fog was clearing now but the air was still bitterly cold and frost still clung to the trees and the ground making it crunchy to walk on as she walked into the village, the sounds of the winter birds brought a smile to her face, she wiped her nose with a small clothe as it ran from the cold air, in fact it hurt to breath in the cold, she folded her arms over her chest to add a little warmth to her body

"Soon it`ll be spring again, then summer" she murmured to herself

"Morning miss Lileigh!" a couple of children called as the ran past her playing a game

"Morning little ones!" she called back with a smile, she and her mother had delivered every one of them, assisting the mothers through the toils and pains of labour, easing the babies out into the world and cleaning them up before handing them to their tired but delighted mothers.

The market was as usual busy with the villagers bartering and haggling over prices and offering goods to one another in exchange for what they needed, Lileigh went straight to the bakers for the bread and flour she needed, Mrs Johnson smiled happily as Lileigh came in, it was not six months ago since the young girl had delivered her fifth child, a daughter after four sons, of which two still lived,
"Morning Lileigh, what can I do for you?" she greeted

"I need two loaves and a sack of flour please" Lileigh replied resting her long thin fingers on the counter and enjoying the warmth of the bake house
"Oh it`s cold out this morning!"

"Fogs lifted though" Mrs Johnson said, she turned and called the order to the lad who worked for her and her husband
"We have some pies to if you`d like some?"

"What do you have?" Lileigh asked thinking of what money she had on her and what else she had to buy, but a nice pie would be a welcome meal for her and Robert
"We have chicken with tarragon, that tarragon I bought off you!, ham and cheese, and a mutton pies, we`ve got some apple ones to, the apples are old, from the barrel but they`ll still be alright as their cooked"

Lileigh smiled thinking of the rich pastry and hot meats and fruits,
"I`ll take two chicken pies and two apple pies please"

"Very good", Mrs Johnson relayed the order and gave the price, knocking a little off as she would`nt charge full to the young woman who had helped her so much, Lileigh handed over the money and took Mrs Johnson`s measure narrowing her eyes at her
"Congratulations" she said

"ON what?"

"Your pregnancy!", before Mrs Johnson could say anything Lileigh had left, she stopped outside the bakers and grinned as she heard Mrs Johnson calling to her husband to tell him the news that she herself had not realized until right now!.

Shaking her head Lileigh carried on with her shopping, she bought the milk from the dairy farmer`s son and some cheese and butter, she headed to the butchers and brought some meats that would see them through the next week or so, and some sausages and bacon, mostly she did`nt speak but nodded becomingly to those that wished her a good day, the thoughts and feelings that something was coming was still in her mind, it was troubling her as she was`nt certain that it would be a good event, it sent shudders down her spine, though anyone who saw her shudder would think she was shivering from the cold,

"Bitter day is`nt it miss?" a stable lad from the manor house said to her spitting down onto the ground at his feet, a dark bruise was on his cheek and several sores were by his mouth, he was waif thin and his clothing was torn and old, he stunk of stale sweat and ale his eyes bloodshot and too wide,

"Indeed" Lileigh replied with a nod, shifting her bag and goods she bid him a goodday and set off home eager to get back to the warmth of the fireside and thaw out her frozen feet and hands before they seized up completely!.
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